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Dear Visitor,
Since the rebirth of Greeves Motorcycles Ltd in May 2000 and the going live in February 2002 we have served over 3,500 mail order customers with more than 20,000 parts. Twenty new Anglians and two new Pathfinders have found homes in the UK, Jersey, France, Spain and Holland. These have since been ridden in Classic Trials both in the UK and abroad. To date we have had over 100,000 visitors to our web-site from all over the world.
NOW IT IS YOUR TURN: It is now your chance to enjoy our success.... If you are a Motorcycle shop, business or individual enthusiast looking for some extra money to run your Trials, Moto X or Road Racer bike for nothing, then why not consider becoming a Greeves Motorcycle agent/dealer. Now we have established ourselves and we are here to stay, we are seeking as a matter of urgency 50 agents world-wide to handle our merchandise, parts and of course the machines. If you think that you fit the category as an agent then send your CV or prospectus to us by E-mail/letter or fax.

Our E-mail address is            For Fax and mail address see our contacts page.

We would obviously like to have people who are enthusiastic about Greeves bikes, know what they are talking about and are to promote the product with our support. Since the web-site was launched, we have received more than 50% increase per month on mail orders. In addition to Greeves products we now own MP Forks Ltd which are marketed under the Greeves name. You can also enjoy the fork business as well, both full sets and spares, as well as the parts we have produced.
For further information and details about an agency please contact: Mr Richard J. Deal, Managing Director of Greeves Motorcycles Ltd at the address on our contact page.
Further to this, you would also be the first to know about any NEW products we launch. For example in June 2002 there will be the new Electronic Ignition system for Trials and Karts, new lightweight Aluminium Silencer and our very own Rear Shocks, endorsed by Mick Andrews. So...what have you got lose?

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Created on ... May 30th, 2002 by Terry Joyce