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This is the 100% remanufactured 246cc Greeves Anglian
The ultimate development of the machine that was ridden to ten consecutive international premier awards
and the 1966 - 1967 European Trials Championship.


The Anglian has been manufactured to todays state of the art engineering standards with a view to further enhancing it's pedigree and your enjoyment

The Anglians were initially produced in 1966 with the famous 'Banana Leading Link' front fork. 1967 - 1968 saw the first machines produced with Ceriani telescopic forks, then with MP forks which we have reproduced today.

The Anglian was regarded as the best lightweight trial machine of its day. Many works riders and privateers gained premier awards in trials such as the Scottish Six Days and the European Trials Championships. Todays machines look identical to the 1968 models but the engineering and reliability have come a long way in 30 years. Powder coated Reynolds tubing, swinging arm bushes from Metalastick, maintenance free electronic ignition system and full circle Alpha cranks make up just part of the Anglian. Even the conical hubs have been reproduced for authenticity and weight reduction.

Each machine is carefully hand built and every care has been taken to give you a product you can be proud to ride. Castings are machined on the lastest CNC equipment. Dunlop 801 sticky tyres on aluminium rims give the bike grip even on slippery rocks. The Anglian is built to last with spares available off the shelf.

The machines can be ridden in the Sammy Miller Classics Trials Series and events affiliated to the ACU and AMCA Trials schedule - so you have plenty of competition, if you want it or just a nice ride out to blow away the cobwebs. Either way we are sure you will enjoy the Anglian for years to come.

rear hub
FrameSeamless Tubing, Colour Silver
EngineGreeves specification Type 37A air cooled single cylinder two stroke with alloy head and barrel
Bore/Stroke66 x 72mm
TransmissionChain primary and final drives. Four speed gearbox with trials ratios
CrankshaftGreeves specification with a full circle flywheels and coppered con rod
Front Fork Greeves telescopic with 19lb springs anglian engine
Rear Suspension Swing arm and twin shock absorbers with 50lb springs
Tyres Front - 2.75 x 21 Dunlop 801 (trial type)
Rear - 4.00 x 18 Dunlop 801 (trials type)
Brakes Front and rear 153mm drum
Fuel Tank 1.75 gallon fibre glass construction with Monza cap
Weight 203lb (92kg)
Wheel base 51.5in (1310mm)
Seat height 32.5in (825mm)
Handlebar width 32.5in (825mm)

The Anglian can be supplied with full lighting set, larger tank, alternative tyre choice and gear ratios to customers specifications at additional cost

Our brand new Deluxe Anglian costs 6500.00 inc VAT, however if this price is outside your budget we can produce a standard machine for around 5700 inc vat.

The difference would be
Standard gearing No special low 2nd or 3rd
fixed footrests
chrome rims
galvanised spokes
mp600 forks with cast sliders no special cnc"d sliders
250cc iron barrel, not aluminium square barrel
mudguard mounted under bottom yoke
villiers s25 carb and filter, not amal concentric
non trials spec ignition
chrome leavers
chrome throttle
tin hub in the front
full width in the back
alternative competition silencer
There will be some other cosmetic changes as well such as sprayed frame, not powder coat
different tyres
handle bars
shock absorbers 12.5, instead of 13.2

The "budget" Anglian would be similar to the bike shown on page 130 in the Greeves book but still be built to the SAME QUALITY as our deluxe version. The machine will have the traditional RED fibre glass tank and black seat with white piping and of course have the ALUMINIUM beam down tube.

Please contact us for more information:- 01263 734688

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