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Ever experienced starting problems with your engine?
Ever experienced timing problems with your engine?
if so, then read on .....

A 'Tommy Easy Start System' starting system is the solution to your problems.

Once you have timed the engine, say 3mm TDC, set the rotor and stator system on the correct mark, or your points in the open position, all that you need to do is find an appropriate socket to fit the crankshaft nut, attach the starter and fire the motorcycle or kart up. With this there is no kicking, pushing , panicking, getting angry or asking the wife to give you a push.

The 'Tommy Easy Start' is the way to start.
These systems are available for the following:

  • Big Moto X bikes - all sizes
  • Trials bikes - all sizes
  • Road race bikes - all sizes
  • Sprint bikes - all sizes
  • Karts - from 100 to 250cc
tommy easy start

High compression engines are no problem

Our system can be produced to work either clockwise or anti-clockwise. When the engine fires up, the shaft goes onto free wheel. All you have to do then is disengage the shaft from the engine. This will then leave the machine running. Should you stall the machine, you simply restart it. With a weight of only 8.0kg, the Tommy Easy Start system is light enough to carry - no trolleys required! Suitable for use on the start line, in the paddock or on the track, virtually anywhere.
Battery chargers are also available if required.

Tommy Easy Start starting system specification

tommy easy start Length: 550mm including shaft and socket
Height: 245mm
Weight: 8kg inc battery
Battery 14amp hour - suitable for 350 cycles
Socket sizes to suit crankshaft or clutch nut
Special adapters can be produced to fit clutch baskets or timing side, depending on your chassis.
The systems are available, ex-stock priced 255 plus carriage, packing and VAT @ 17.5% if applicable.
For further information on this 'must have' system, or to place an order, please contact us in any of the following ways:
Tel: 01245 227667
Fax: 01245 221673

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