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Vapour Blasting Service

Greeves Motorcycles Ltd are now able to offer you a Vapour Blasting Service, with a five day turnaround. We have recently installed a Hot water Vapour blast machine that is capable of restoring your crankcases, barrel, inner and outer covers to a pristine finish, probably better than new. The secret is in the solution that we use and the method of blasting. We can vapour blast more delicate items as well, such as carburettors, head light shells, number plates, fork shrouds, yokes, sliders etc.

Unlike grit or bead blasting, which leaves finger marks and creates dust, our vapour blast machine leaves your items just like new. We can after degreasing and vapour blasting respray your items in their original colour,because the vapour blasting leaves the items in such good condition the surface is ready for painting or chroming.

Try our service we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Phone Fax or Email for a quote. As a guide motorcycle head, barrel, crankcases, inner and outer covers 70 plus carriage and vat. We can collect if you wish.

Nationwide Service.

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Created on ... 7th December, 2006 by Terry Joyce      Updated 12th December 2006